Monday, October 8, 2012

The VIrgin Edition of Cocktails with Sharyn

Cocktails with Sharyn Episode #3 Battle at 5000ft Dedicated to Al Gore

Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower has spoken out against NISSAN fraud for over 3 years. The mainstream media knows about it and has ignored a massive scam done by a foreign company that does business with Iran.  

NISSAN took over 1.4 billion to build a car with outdated technology.
NISSAN was having a major cash flow problem in 2009
NISSAN executives told Sharyn they were taking American taxpayer money to "save the company" in winter 2009.   Sharyn found out WHY?
NISSAN promised to created 1300 green jobs... that's not happening.
NISSAN used a 2 Billion IDB bond as the collateral for the 1.4 Billion Dept. of Energy loans.
NISSAN has not made a payment on the Leaf loan....  Why?
Terms are the Nissan Leaf loan are considered "classified"... maybe it's because an Obama bundler the Paul Weiss Law Firm was hired by Steven Chu's office (given a million dollars to review the loan)

Sharyn Bovat wanted Nissan to RESPECT the taxpayers and started a blog on June 4th 2009 to show discrimination and corruption at Nissan. She's had 3+ million hits....
People from over 100 countries viewed Sharyn's blog.
Nissan executives wanted Sharyn Bovat discredited and swore out warrants. Sharyn was taken to jail 3 times.  

Sharyn Bovat fought the charges in the Tennessee courts for 19+ months. A judge told Sharyn he'd jail her for a year.  Sharyn has suffered with high blood pressure since. 

Oddly, during that time Sharyn Bovat was asked if she'd be interested in dating Al Gore.

YES!!!! It gets weird.  

Later Sharyn was told by a Gannett executive that "had" she dated the VP the charges against her would have been "dropped"  -  NOBODY in America should be forced to date a former VP (a man who almost became President) just to avoid being jailed for a year. 

Al Gore took stimulus money (like Nissan) for Fisker automotive. 

SOLYNDRA visited Sharyn's blog over 1142 times.

Green Industries from China have read Bovat's blog, why?

Bovat a former researcher for political operatives connected to Karl Rove (the early 90’s) and Sal Russo (during the Reagan era...CIA stuff) had met Ed Gillespie in the mid/late 80‘s and saw him at CRP conventions.  Frustrated with the lack of respect happening to the American taxpayer and knowing that Mr. Gillespie had a deep appreciation for the Constitution Sharyn reached out to Ed Gillespie to help solve the problems of DOE fraud. (Now he’s a Senior Advisor to the Romney campaign.....)

Before Sharyn testified at the Tennessee capital in Sept. 2011 Sharyn sent information to Gillespie's office about the NISSAN fraud.  Less than12 hours later Lamar Alexander stepped down from his #3 leadership role.  More soon....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cocktails with Sharyn Episode #3 Being Edited.... OMG!!!! Al Gore the Altitude Must Have Affected Me...... Mr. Gore Were You in Denver When YOU Invested in FRACKING?

Read this and be enlightened on Al Gore and his "Green" connections:

Andrew McKillop: Al Gore's Generation​ Investment hedge fu​nd ...​-investme...
10 hours ago - Gore's investment company files a quarterly report with the SEC that tells the story about the 30 stocks in its portfolio. His company's public claims of investments ...

Episode #3 is dedicated to Tennessee & Gannett's Mr. Seigenthaler... The Perfect Hypocrite.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Episode #2 Editing.....

Cocktails with Sharyn episode #2 in editing.....

Watch the Weekend Rant About Akin..

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